General Information

Useful information about our holiday villas and your booking

This gives you some general information about our villas in Javea and Frigiliana, and what is (and is not) included in our prices. It forms part of the ‘small print’ and you should read it all carefully before you book your villa holiday with Aspects of Spain. But first choose your villa, and check its availability!


  1. Accommodation, as confirmed on your confirmation/invoice for the people named on the booking form, in the villa of your choice, including all local taxes, gas, water, electricity, service charges.
  2. Bed linen, towels (Not swimming towels – these can be HIRED as an extra at £0.50 per towel per person per day) and tea towels.
  3. Weekly laundering of household linen for rentals over 10 days.
  4. Cleaning of the villa before your arrival and on departure.
  5. The services of our English speaking Representative or agent. We will give you a contact number for our agent or representative when we send you your travel documents.
  6. Air conditioning or heating as specified in the individual villa descriptions.


  1. Holiday insurance, which is compulsory.
  2. Transportation to and from your accommodation.
  3. Gas and electricity for heating are not included and should be paid for locally where available.
  4. Where air-conditioning is available as an optional extra (as opposed to included in the villa rental) this must be requested and paid for at the time of booking. If requested later (including in resort) a £20 amendment (call-out) fee will be charged. No refund is available should you choose not to use either facility during your stay.


  1. Special Offers and Late Deals refer to those villas offered at a reduced price.
  2. Special Offers and Late Deals cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer unless specifically mentioned. Couples’ discount cannot be applied to Special Offers and Late Deals.
  3. Normal villa occupation stipulations apply to Special Offers and Late Deals.
  4. Air conditioning and heating is NOT included in Special Offer and Late Deal prices. This can be arranged as an extra if required.

We give a 10% discount to a couple at MANY VILLAS throughout the season. This discount is strictly for two people only – couples
with babies and small children will pay full price. Where a couple’s discount is applicable both travellers must be at least 25 years old.
Couple’s discount cannot be applied to SPECIAL OFFERS.

When ANY change is made to a booking an amended confirmation/invoice will be issued and a charge of £20 may be made to cover administrative costs. This includes the addition or deletion of any persons or any other item (See booking conditions).

Your financial security is very important to us. This is why all monies we receive for packages are held in a Trust Account until the holiday has been completed. This means that clients who book packages can rest assured that they will still receive their holiday (or a full refund) in the unlikely event of our insolvency. For a small £10 fee we are happy to deposit money for non-package holidays in our Trust Account.

Good insurance cover is vital when you book a holiday.  Please see the pages about Travel Insurance for full details of insurance plans that we recommend. When you arrange your Travel Insurance through one of our recommended companies via the links on our website we are compensated by the insurance provider. You pay exactly the same as if you went direct to them. These little bits of compensation all go towards our keeping your villa holiday costs down, so please use our links if you like the policy on offer. When taking out your Travel Insurance you should note that valuables such as jewellery, camera equipment, mobile phones, tablets, designer clothes etc, are not normally covered by holiday insurance which really specialises in travel related issues. You should check your home policies to make sure that such items are covered (year round, not just when you are on holiday) in the unfortunate event of loss or theft.

We use the generic term “villas” to describe all our self-catering properties, regardless of the type of accommodation, which is described as fully as possible in each individual description.

We have tried very hard to give faithful descriptions of all the properties featured in these web pages, and we do hope that you will be pleasantly surprised with the property and find that our description did not do it justice. However, please note that standards in Spain can be different to those normally accepted in your home. As in other countries, different regions command different prices for no apparent reason. Property in the Costa del Sol is more expensive than the Costa Blanca and this is reflected in the rental prices. As a general rule, within a given region, higher prices mean more space, a larger property and better facilities. Before booking your holiday villa, please discuss your requirements with our reservations experts to ensure you choose the right property, for the right reasons. We have compiled the information on this website as carefully as possible, and it has been checked and double-checked. However, it is possible that certain facilities in the resort or villa you have booked may be temporarily out of service due to breakdown, maintenance, government legislation or local licensing laws, unsuitable weather conditions or other local conditions. In low season it is possible that some local restaurants and bars may not be fully operational. Aspects of Spain Limited cannot be held responsible for any such problems that are outside a tour operator’s control. All such facilities are subject to availability. All our villas are carefully inspected at the beginning of each season, are equipped with sufficient crockery, cutlery, iron and ironing board and have refrigerators and adequate cooking facilities. Villas with private pool all have either a portable or built-in barbecue.

By “private pool” we mean that the swimming pool is for the exclusive use of those staying at the property where the pool is situated, and it is not a “communal pool” which is one that is shared by a number of villas or apartments. Complete privacy is quite different. If by “completely private” or “complete privacy” your understanding is “not overlooked at all, completely fenced, hedged or walled, and gated” then we have very few properties that will meet your requirements. Indeed, there are very few such properties in the areas we feature. At villas where we consider there to be a large degree of privacy we state as much in the villa description. However, this does not necessarily mean that no area of the property (garden, pool, terraces, or the villa itself) is overlooked. It does mean that there are areas of complete privacy. If you are in any doubt about the degree of privacy offered you must discuss it with our reservations staff.

Very Important Just as at home, while you are on holiday life goes on as normal all around you. Building or road works may be in progress nearby, a neighbour may start building a swimming pool or wall, or the local water board may decide to dig up the road and lay new pipes outside your villa. If within 56 days of the start of your holiday we become aware of building works taking place on a plot immediately adjacent to your property (that is, an adjoining plot – not across the road or merely nearby) that in our opinion could materially spoil your enjoyment of your holiday we will advise you. You may then either a) cancel and receive a full refund for accommodation (insurance is not refundable and flight tickets are not usually refundable), or b) change your booking to another available villa for the same period either paying the difference if it is more expensive or receiving a refund if it is cheaper, or c) change your booking to another available villa for a different period either paying the difference if it is more expensive or receiving a refund if it is cheaper (flight tickets are not usually changeable), or d) leave your reservation as it is and hope that there is not too much noise or dust to spoil your holiday. If you choose option d, to stay with the reservation, it is extremely unlikely that after arrival we will be able to move you to any alternative accommodation if you suffer any inconvenience, nor will any claim for compensation be accepted for any loss of enjoyment due to building or any other associated works within the vicinity of your holiday villa. You should note that we are not responsible for such work, are not able to stop such work taking place nor control the noise level. Nor can we be responsible for any building works that start during a holiday and under no circumstances will we pay any compensation at all in such cases.

Spain is a noisy country and Spaniards are by nature a relatively noisy people. A meal in any typically Spanish restaurant or bar will prove this point. While we have tried to select properties away from particularly noisy areas such as motorways, discotheques etc, you may find local noise levels higher than you are used to at home. Very few properties have double glazing, and with windows open in the hot months you will often hear dogs barking, cocks crowing, birds in general creating a noisy “dawn chorus” in the early hours, the roar of motor bikes and scooters as workers set off for work, and even trucks driving past making early deliveries, or collecting rubbish in the “wee small hours”. All this contributes to what is the Spain of today. If complete peace and quiet is what you are looking for on your holiday you must discuss this with our reservations staff. Very few of our properties offer this very special commodity as most are situated in established holiday resorts where life goes on day and night.

Ants are constant visitors to most villas in Spain, particularly as most of our properties are surrounded by gardens. Locally bought ant powders are a good repellent, but it also helps to keep crumbs to a minimum. As most of our villas are surrounded by gardens field mice and fruit rats are also common. These can be kept out of the house by keeping food out of temptation’s way. Mosquitoes should be kept at bay by a good repellent (available in UK chemists and supermarkets and chemists in Spain) – please don’t splatter them against the wall.

DOGS, CATS and other animals
We do not accept ANY animals at any of our properties at any time. There are no exceptions. Please do not feed any stray animals at your holiday villa.

Our villas are equipped with single or double beds usually with either wooden slatted or flat padded bases, and an interior sprung mattress. Beds are often shorter (1,80m -1,90m) than you may be used to at home. One pillow per person is supplied. Single beds are usually 80 to 90cms wide and doubles vary between 145cms (standard double) and 190cms (king)

At some villas, where we consider the facilities allow, an extra person can be accommodated. You must ask which properties are suitable. An additional charge of £7 per day will be added to your invoice for any extra person occupying the property, and an extra (folding) bed, with linen and towels supplied. Please note that ‘extra persons’ includes children of any age, including infants and babies. The maximum number of persons permitted at any villa is clearly stated in the description. At some villas the number of beds/bedrooms may indicate that more people can sleep at that villa, however it is the stated  ‘Maximum number of people’ that counts, not the number of beds.

Cots and high chairs are available for infants under two years old at the end of their holiday. If you require a cot or high chair, please request it
at the time of booking in order that we can ensure it is at the villa on your arrival. A supplementary charge of £4 per cot per day and £2 per high chair per day will be automatically added to your invoice when you book. An amendment fee of £20 may be charged in addition to the cost of the cot or high chair if this is booked later. Cots and high chairs are purchased locally and may be different to those you are used to at home. Cots are supplied without sheets, mattress protectors, blankets or pillows, which you should take with you. When a cot is required for an extra person there will be a £50 extra person charge (see Extra persons, above) and a cot supplied instead of an extra (folding) bed.

In some resorts portable fans are available for hire at £5 per fan per booking, payable on booking your holiday. Pre-paid fans will be delivered to
your villa prior to your arrival.

In self-catering accommodation sufficient beds will be made up for the number of persons on the booking form. At most of our villas we supply one bath sheet and a smaller bath towel for each adult on the booking form and a bath towel and hand towel for each child. No towels are supplied for infants under two years. However, in a few cases towels may be smaller than those you are used to at home, large towels may be no bigger than 120cm by 80cm, and small towels about 80cm x 40cm. Two or three tea towels are supplied per villa.

On stays of longer than ten days, bed linen and towels will be changed weekly. Most villas are equipped with a washing machine to enable guests to do their own washing. We kindly ask all guests not to use the towels supplied at the villa for the beach or around the pool. Swimming towels are not supplied but these can be either bought or hired locally. If you wish to hire swimming towels you should request them at the time of booking your villa. Beach towels can be hired at £0.50 per towel per day including laundering.

Regrettably, none of the villas featured in this brochure are specifically adapted for disabled visitors, those who rely on the use of a wheelchair or those with special needs. Additionally, some properties with many steps are less suitable for toddlers, elderly guests, or those with walking or breathing difficulties. Under the ‘General Accessibility’ section of our descriptions we have tried to give as clear a picture as possible as to the suitability of the property for disabled visitors. If any member of your party is confined to a wheelchair or is in any way disabled, please tell us so that we can suggest suitable accommodation and thus avoid any disappointment when you arrive. Bathroom doors are not wide enough for a wheelchair. Where descriptions say “No wheelchair access” this does mean that the villa is not suitable for a wheelchair.
If we consider a villa unsuitable for families with toddlers this will be stated in the villa description. Parents of toddlers should also read the
‘General Accessibility’ description as this will also give an indication of the number of steps at the villa.

A number of our villas are equipped with televisions, with either standard Spanish aerials, thus receiving a number of Spanish terrestrial digital stations, or parabolic dishes receiving satellite transmissions (usually UK FreeSat). In our villa descriptions we have tried to be as accurate as possible in describing what programmes can be received at a villa. However, visitors should note that satellite transmissions are not the same as those received in other countries and you may not be able to receive the programmes you have at home. Digital satellite reception from the UK is intermittent. Major football matches are shown in many bars in the areas we feature.

A number of villas offer complimentary WiFi. This is supplied by an independent provider and is usually only a 5Mb supply. The WiFi is intended for use in connecting to the internet for email, social media, general browsing etc. It is NOT for downloading or streaming films or music. Speed and bandwidth does not usually allow for TV either. And if a lot of people are surfing at the same time, the speed will slow right down.

Your mobile phone will work when you are in Spain. However it is very important that you check with your phone supplier in your home country before you leave in order to ensure that this feature will be operational during your holiday. When a mobile phone is used in another country the subscriber pays not only for making calls but also for receiving them (for example to receive a call in Spain you will pay for the part of the call from the UK to Spain, and the caller will pay only for the call within the UK). Beware draconian roaming fees!

A non-refundable charge of £5 per person travelling will be added to your invoice.
This is to cover accidental damage up to a value of £250 per holiday to a maximum of £100 per item. You will be asked to reimburse us for the full cost of any breakages, loss or damage caused to the property during your stay over the value of £100 per item. Please note that wilful and negligent behaviour is not covered by this charge, and you will be asked to reimburse us in full for any such damage. In the unfortunate event that you do incur any minor breakages we do please ask you to report them to our agent or representative in order that such items can be quickly replaced. An inventory of all our villas is taken at the beginning of the letting season to ensure that there is sufficient equipment for the number of people occupying the villa. It is simply not possible to do this between each let, so it is important you advise us so that we may replace broken or damaged items. This way the visitors following you will not be disappointed with the equipment in the villa.

Gardens have to be maintained on a regular basis and it is simply not possible for this maintenance to be carried out on ‘changeover’ days. Gardeners will try to be as discreet as possible, but should you find they are spending an excessive time at the villa you should report the matter to your local representative. Gardeners will often use very noisy leaf blowers to clean the garden area. If this is annoying you, just ask them to stop.

At our self-catering villas with private swimming pools there are adequate sunbeds for the number of people on the booking form (to the maximum number of people stated in the villa description). Sunbeds vary from villa to villa, and are usually supplied without cushions, as these would soon become stained and thus difficult to maintain in good condition. Sunbeds cannot be supplied for extra persons.  Sun umbrellas are not standard equipment, although at villas with private pools one will be supplied if there is no shade near the pool. These should not be taken to the beach. Cheap parasols are readily available in most supermarkets. Plastic chairs are flimsy and the legs will break easily when leaning on the back legs of the chairs, or when scraping the legs back to get up from the chairs.

Please always make sure you close the parasol if the wind gets up and always when you leave the pool area.

Swimming pools have to be maintained on a regular basis and as with garden maintenance, this cannot always be done on ‘changeover’ days. Pools at villas are normally checked once a week, and cleaned once a week, and whilst this is often done very early in the morning, maintenance personnel may arrive while you are using the pool. In these cases you will be asked to vacate the pool for about 1 hour. Filtration is automatically controlled by a time clock. Underwater lighting is not always available (at some villas there may even be a light in the pool that has been disconnected). Others may have pool lights on a timer system where you press the switch and the lights come on for, say, half an hour.
Neither pool maintenance personnel nor gardeners have fixed hours, so it is not possible for us to advise you of the exact day or time of their visit.

A car is essential for the enjoyment of your holiday. Very few of our villas with private pool are close enough to the beach and shops to enable you to survive a holiday without a car. Buses are virtually non-existent; taxis are available, but far more expensive than car hire for the duration of a holiday; there are few pavements and very little street lighting on the access roads to our villas.

When you are booking your flight please bear in mind that the normal check-in time is 17h00 and check-out is at 10h00.

If you are on an early flight, check-in by 14h00 can be arranged for a fee of just £35 per villa. This MUST be requested and paid for at the time of booking, and may not be possible for bookings made within 7 days of arrival.

Please note that if 14h00 (2 p.m.) check-in is requested after issue of confirmation/invoice an amendment of fee £20 may also apply.


At most Aspects of Spain Spanish holiday villas you are welcome to start and finish your holiday on any day of the week, and stay for any duration. Flights are often a lot less expensive mid-week so choose your villa holiday to coincide with the cheaper flights.

The only restrictions are any bookings we are holding at your chosen villa. We cannot leave gaps between bookings of 2 to 6 nights (and preferably no gaps at all in the high season). But none of this is ever absolutely cast in stone, so please contact us if you have any doubts about your chosen dates. We will do our best to arrange your holiday when YOU want to travel.

If you are looking for a short break, check out our Special Offers page where we have lists of odd gaps that we need to fill. The “fillers” are often at extremely good prices!

You may take occupation of your villa at any time from 17h00 on your day of arrival. In order to prepare for the next visitors we must ask you to vacate the villa by 10h00 on your day of departure. We have ‘out of hours’ key collection arrangements for late arrivals. Remember to take a torch in case your flight is delayed, or you are scheduled to arrive at night.

When you pay your balance you will be able to download your travel documents from our online secure client portal.

Shopping for food can be fun on holiday, and you will find a wonderful selection of meat, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. Most towns have a daily indoor market, and weekly market for everything from fruit and veg to leather jackets and shoes. The less adventurous will also find supermarkets stocked with many familiar British products. Local produce is generally cheaper than its UK equivalent, and imported goods slightly more expensive.

In the areas we feature in this brochure there are literally hundreds of places to eat out. From the cheapest ‘menu del dia’ (menu of the day) for as little as 9€ per head, to Michelin starred restaurants at over 100€, there is something for every taste. Most restaurants take credit cards, although you should check first. In your villa information book you will find a selection of restaurants either tried by our representatives or recommended by previous clients.

Water sports abound in coastal resorts, where you will find jet skis, pedalos, windsurfers, scuba diving and fishing to name but a few. Riding, tennis, golf and green bowls are also available, and there are wonderful walks, with many marked trails, in and around all the areas we feature. More information will be available in your villa book, or from our local representative. Golfers will require a current handicap card to play on courses in Spain.

In the areas we feature nightlife tends to centre round barbecues at home or eating out, followed by a nightcap (or two!). These are not ‘wild’ resorts.
Along the beaches there are a number of music bars where teenagers can meet. Drinking and driving laws are similar to Britain with the alcohol limit lower. On-the-spot fines of around 500€ or more, in cash, are imposed if you are ‘over the limit’ and the car may be impounded.

All the world loves a fiesta, and these are numerous in the resorts we feature. Some are religious fiestas, and others purely an excuse for the locals to have a good time. You will find more information about fiestas in the information book at your villa. The dates of some of these fiestas change from year to year and our reservations staff can advise you whether there will be fiestas on during your holiday.

We strongly advise you to take only a small amount of cash with you on holiday. Credit cards are accepted in most bars, restaurants, supermarkets and shops, but not everywhere, so please don’t rely on being able to use them always. Banks have cash points. We strongly recommend that you either bring Euros with you or use your card to obtain Euros from a cash point (ATM). Do NOT change money at an exchange bureau without first agreeing on the amount of Euros you will be receiving.

British visitors to Spain require a full 10 year British Passport valid to at least six months after their return date, but do not need a visa. Nationals of other EU member states also require a full passport valid to at least six months after their return date, but do not need a visa. Holders of other passports are strongly advised to check with the Spanish Consulate before travelling to Spain to ensure that their documentation is valid, as regulations do change from time to time. We cannot accept liability for clients who have incorrect or insufficient documentation.

We can provide a confirmation invoice for your holiday for people who need a visa.

For Uk visitors, further information can be obtained from:
Spanish Consulate
20 Draycott Place
London SW3 2RZ

Visas: 020 7589 8989

Information on this page updated 15/05/2017