Flexible Changeover Days – come and go when YOU want

At most Aspects of Spain Spanish holiday villas you are welcome to start and finish your holiday on any day of the week, and stay for any duration. Flights are often a lot less expensive mid-week so choose your villa holiday to coincide with the cheaper flights.

The only restrictions are any bookings we are holding at your chosen villa. We cannot leave gaps between bookings of 2 to 6 nights (and no gaps at all in the high season). But none of this is ever absolutely cast in stone, so please contact us if you have any doubts about your chosen dates. We will do our best to arrange your holiday when YOU want to travel.

The biggest problem with low cost airlines (in fact, most airlines), is that flights are much more expensive at the weekend. With Aspects of Spain you arrive at your holiday villa in Spain, and depart, on ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. You enjoy your holiday villa for 7 nights, or 8, or 9 or as many nights as you want. YOU choose the length of stay that YOU want. Check any airline website. Mid-week is definitely cheaper, and so are “odd” durations (travel out on one day of the week, and back on another).

Remember when you are looking for a villa holiday in Spain, with Aspects of Spain you can come and go on any day of the week (at most villas). Enjoy 8, 10 or 12 nights in your private villa and benefit from cheaper flights.

Flexible changeover days are here to stay. You come and go when you choose, year round. But just what does this mean to you?

What are the advantages of flexible changeover days?

Arrive and depart on the day of YOUR choice. Fit in with family, school or business commitments.
Fully flexible arrival and departure days at most villas means that you can take advantage of much cheaper mid-week flights
Choose how long you want to stay. You are not restricted to 7, 14 or 21 night durations. If you want 8 nights you book 8 nights. There is usually a 4 night minimum stay.
Have you got a few days holiday? Take advantage of long weekend deals, all year round.
Check out our Special Offers, Late Deals and Short Breaks. You will often find good deals for odd durations.
By choosing your own arrival and departure days you can make sure you avoid airports at busy times. Much less stressful!

Conditions apply:

  • Minimum stay at all villas is usually 4 nights. But we can make exceptions, so always ask!
  • Gaps between bookings must be up to 2 nights, or 7 nights or more.
  • You are welcome to travel ANY DAY OF THE WEEK – including Sundays!

Come and go on different days of the week to enjoy a longer villa holiday and enjoy even greater holiday savings